Sentry Solutions BP 2000 Powder   #91040

Sentry Solutions BP 2000 Powder #91040

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BP 2000 Powder

BP2000 POWDER - Pure powder lubricant with a natural bonding affinity for metals. BP2000 is for trigger jobs and fine tuning the surfaces of bores and bolts, etc. When used with SMOOTH-KOTE, friction is reduced by as much as an additional 20%, compared to oiled surfaces.

    What is BP 2000 Powder:

  • BP2000 POWDER is pure powder lubricants, which have a natural affinity for metals. Based on solid lubricant and dry film technology, it is specially prepared with strict controls on particle size and chemical composition. BP2000 is the finest lubricating powder available.
  • Clean surfaces well; use a cleaner that leaves no residue, or use alcohol to rinse the cleaned surfaces before treating. Allow surfaces to dry. Apply a small amount of BP2000 POWDER to a clean patch or clothe and briskly rub the powder into the metal surface. For tight spaces, dip a cotton swab into powder and work into the surfaces.
  • Note: Surfaces treated with BP2000 will have a silvery gray mirror like finish. If in doubt about color, test on an interior surface. To maintain surface: use a dry, nylon-bristle brush to remove dirt & residues. Surface can then be touched up with BP2000. BP2000 is not a permanent coating; it can be removed using conventional cleaning solvents. To clean hands the use of a waterless hand cleaner is recommended, followed by mild soap & water.
  • Please Note: Toxicological studies, industrial experience and chemical properties all indicate that BP2000 POWDER is a relatively harmless material.