Spyderco C95GP2 Manix 2 XL - 3.85" CPM-S30V FFG Blade - Black G-10 Handle

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Spyderco Manix 2 XL C95GP2 - Black G-10 Scales

When you first pick up the Manix 2 XL, you will realize there is something amazing about this knife. For a knife of it's size, it's very "easy in the pocket" and not as heavy as you'd expect, tipping the scales at only 5.2 ounces. Much more than a Manix 2 "on steroids," the XL truly deserves consideration as one of the best large knives on the market. As the case with all knives, the blade is of upmost importance, and the Manix 2 XL does not disappoint. The full-flat ground blade is CPM-S30V with generous jimping on the backside above the oversized 14mm Spyderco round hole.

One of our biggest fears with large folders is a poor lock. Problem solved here, as the blade is secured open using Spyderco's patented Ball Bearing Lock, which is comprised of a free-floating steel ball-bearing encased in a high-tech polymer cage. When opened, the ball bearing moves forward onto the blade's ramp where it is wedged, locking the blade safely open. The spherical shape of the ball rotates freely allowing the lock to self-adjust across a large surface, ensuring smooth and confident lock-up every time it is opened.

The skeletonized stainless steel liners are nested inside the G-10 handle and extend beyond the scales. This creates a scalloped pattern around the handle's perimeter for additional positive grip. This feature keeps the knife from slipping out in the hand and works well with gloves. The liners serve a double purpose by adding rigidity and lightweight strength to the handle. A three-screw clip can be positioned ambidextrously, tip-up for comfort and pocket carry. The Manix 2 XL also features an large lanyard pipe for various types of cords or thongs.

  • Category End Use: EDC
  • Blade Steel: CPM-S30V
  • Blade Grind: FFG (full flat grind)
  • Blade Length: 3.85” (98 mm)
  • Length Open: 8.03” (204 mm)
  • Length Closed: 5.09” (129 mm)
  • Blade Thickness: .125” (3.2 mm)
  • Hole Diameter: .550" (14 mm)
  • Lock Type: Ball Bearing
  • Handle Material: Black G-10
  • Tip Carry: Tip-Up
  • Clip Position: Ambidextrous
  • Weight: 5.2 oz. (147 g)
  • Made In: U.S.A.

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  • 5
    Spyderco Manix 2 XL

    Posted by John O on Aug 30th 2022

    Great knife. Solid construction. Well made. Great for ambi/lefty use! Excellent service from CSI. Fast Shipping!

  • 5
    Manix 2XL

    Posted by Nels Wirtala on Apr 18th 2019

    I primarily own Benchmade, ZT, and Spyderco folders and I every day carry this knife as a power lineman. Lets go over the commonly perceived negatives. Pocket clip sits too low, lock is too stiff, knife is too wide, jimping is too aggressive, CPM S-30V steel isn't good enough. It's all fake news. The pocket clip allows the already long knife to ride at a comfortable height inside the pocket and gives you the handle knob to grab onto when accessing the knife especially with gloves on. The clip is so secure, there is no need for deep carry. The lock is perfect, providing very solid lockup with no blade play in any direction and can still be opened by pulling back on only one side of the CBBL lock. The width of the blade gives you blade strength and easy access to the Spydie hole, especially helpful when deploying the blade with gloves on. It also makes it ideal for food prep (done while grilling after work) while the narrower end of the blade is perfect for detailed work or cutting circles in something. Unlike some knives this blade jimping actually functions, securing your fingers to the blade and the handle jimping is not too aggressive as to cause hot spots. Spyderco's CPM S-30V makes for an excellent user blade. They clearly have their heat treat right. It wears well and is easy to sharpen. With those myths debunked, here are some other observations. This blade will not be out cut. The edge geometry, tip geometry, full flat grind and width of blade stock make this a supreme slicer. It will pull you into a cut. The G-10 handle scales are executed to perfection. A perfect grippy feel yet easy to clean along with being strong, durable, and resistant to the elements. The steel liners are not overly heavy, providing strength but not an unbalanced condition. Lanyard hole is a nice touch and the size is perfect, allowing for large cordage. Overall fit an finish was perfect. Blade centering and grinds were perfect. I have large size hands the the handle size and ergonomics are perfect. Not too big at all. Knife is made in the USA, which I would not buy if it wasn't. Bottom line, perfectly designed knives are very rare, and this is one of them.

  • 5
    Spyderco Manix 2 XL

    Posted by Plucky Purcell on Mar 15th 2019

    Spyderco excellence in S30V. You're probably thinking that this is too big of a knife for EDC. Honestly it disappears in the front pocket of jeans but it is noticeable in dress pants. It is a lot of knife for the money. Great balance and fits really well in my hand. As impressed as I am with the Mainx 2 XL and with Spyderco in general I'm just as impressed with Jeff at Cutlery Shoppe. Excellent prices, unbelievably fast shipping, products carefully packaged, and a little swag with every shipment. I am now a loyal customer and this is now my "go to" place for knives. Thanks Jeff!

  • 5
    Spyderco Manix Xl

    Posted by Timothy on Dec 7th 2017

    My fav EDC is the Spyderco para 2. This is bigger and functions flawlessly. Deep clip and in the pocket its not bad. Grip is nice steel I great love it. Might be my new favorite. Buy it.

  • 5
    Manix 2XL

    Posted by Glen Bonney on Aug 31st 2012

    Excellent high value collectible knife. I personally like my knives on the heavier 4 to 5 ounce weight size. This is replacing a well worn Spyderco Endura as my EDC. Love the S30V blade material, and jimping is perfect. G10 makes the XL feel great in the hand.
    Like others who've written reviews on this blade own several ZT blades. I love them, but in most cases ZT and EDC is impractical. I'm only comparing the two because of size and weight. The Manix 2XL is a game changer, it's big yet not beefy, well balanced and feels good in the pocket. 5 stars to this blade it's a keeper.

  • 5
    Bad a..

    Posted by alex p. on Jul 17th 2012

    Indeed this is a bad a.. knife; everything already said by the other guys is true; what I like the most about this knife is the ergonomic comfort; it feels like it was made for my hands. The design of the lock is pure genius, similar to the Dodo but a lot easier to unlock; the blade swings open by inertia by holding the lock back and flicking it with my wrist, similar to the Benchmade Axis lock, love it. S30V steel is the bomb, I have cut a lot of cardboard and paracord with this blade and it is still paper cutting sharp, amazing; the relief edge is perfection. I bought this knife after I found out the regular Manix 2 FFG was out of stock, and I don't regret it; the blade is a beast, just a little shorter than my Super Commander and a tad longer than my ZT 0560, which are the biggest knives I own; then of course the looks are just amazing, the "proud" liners make it look like a custom knife; and 92 bucks for a USA made knife makes the whole package a hell of a deal, definitely the best price out there, I checked. By the way, thanks Jeff, again, for your awesome customer service, it's hard to stop raving about it.

  • 4
    Tactical folder for sure

    Posted by John Olha on Jun 21st 2012

    Mine just arrived today, and yes like the other review says you have to hold it to appreciate the size of this beast. For me definitely on the large side for a blade I am going to EDC regularly - when I am out with a pair of 5.11 pants of course carrying pretty much any knife is a non issue. The clip does ride too low for my taste that is probably my biggest complaint as I like my knife to ride deep in pocket. Ergo, lockup, blade centering, traction plan are all excellent. If you are looking for something a little smaller that rides better in pocket, grab a Paramilitary 2.

  • 5
    Exactly what it should be

    Posted by Wayne Yasinski on Jan 22nd 2012

    1st off, to appreciate the sheer size of this knife you have to hold it. This knife screams tactical folder in the same sentence as say strider or ZT's. This knife is a beast, full scales and a great lock up. Mine came perfectly centered with zero blade play. Did someone order jimping??? Practical and would even make nutnfancy proud , its not light but fills your hand insanely well and did replace my SMF as my EDC tactical folder. Perfect ergonomics..The blade to me seems more practical then say the military and for defiantly more so than the para2, i don't worry about the tip when using this knife. Its a work horse steel in the s30v and cut through tires with ease due to the FFG blade. My only gripe is the pocket clip, i wish it was higher, as the top sticks out a bit but certainly isn't a huge deal when employed in the knife pocket of 511 tac-lite pro pants. You have seen it said on many you-tube vids, this is what the mantix 2 should of been! All in all this is a home-run for us sypderco fans and i highly recommend this knife for anyone looking for a tactical folder. For those looking for ZT 300 series or striders this is the knife for you and at half the cost of ZT's and a quarter of the cost of striders this knife cant be beat...for a user knife nothing comes close. I actually question the need to carry my military...for bigger guys or gloves the g-10 is very grippy, with the weight to say im in your pocket...for the price its heavenly...