Spyderco C28POR2 Dragonfly 2 LWT - 2.30" Plain Edge VG-10 Blade - Orange FRN Handle

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Spyderco Dragonfly 2 C28POR2 - VG-10 Blade - Orange FRN Handle

One of the most popular Spyderco knives of all time, the Dragonfly was originally released in 1994. It helped pioneer the use of an index-finger “choil” that allows a small knife to provide hand-filling big-knife performance. Known by many as a “50/50 choil,” the Dragonfly provides a safe, solid purchase for the index finger and positions the hand further forward on the knife for superior leverage and control. The Dragonfly was also one of Spyderco’s original lightweight knives and helped to introduce the use of injection-molded fiberglass-reinforced-nylon (FRN) handles.

The current version of the lightweight Dragonfly, the Dragonfly 2, has evolved to include a reversible deep-pocket wire clip that provides ambidextrous tip-up carry. It features a versatile leaf-shaped blade ground from VG-10 stainless steel and a sturdy back lock mechanism that locks the blade securely in the open position.

This latest version boasts a bright orange FRN handle that makes the knife easy to find and hard to lose, even in low-visibility conditions.

  • Category End Use: EDC
  • Blade Steel: VG-10
  • Blade Grind: FFG (full flat grind)
  • Blade Length: 2.30” (58 mm)
  • Length Open: 5.36” (143 mm)
  • Length Closed: 3.33” (85 mm)
  • Blade Thickness: .098” (2.5 mm)
  • Hole Diameter: .425" (11 mm)
  • Lock Type: Back Lock
  • Handle Material: FRN (fiberglass-reinforced nylon)
  • Tip Carry: Tip-Up
  • Clip Position: Ambidextrous
  • Weight: 1.2 oz. (34 g)
  • Made In: Japan

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  • 5
    good choice for EDC

    Posted by rjfriske on Feb 27th 2020

    I just bought my 2nd Orange Dragonfly-2 (I like the color, because it's easy to find). I also have a vintage Dragonfly "Clip-It" that was given to me by a LEO friend who carried it as a back-up for many years.

    Right there is one of the best reasons to own one of these. It's small, lightweight, the blade size is very good, VG-10 steel works--it's more than capable for EDC,. I find myself carrying it more than I thought. And The Cutlery Shoppe is my go-to vendor when I'm looking for a knife.

  • 5
    Great small knife

    Posted by Alex on Apr 26th 2019

    I have only had this knife for a few days, but I LOVE it! It may be a smaller knife, but it acts like a bigger knife. It came sharp out of the box and the action was smooth. The orange FRN handle is amazing! I love the color so much I have now made it my goal to get ALL of the orange, and I have found out that Cutlery Shoppe is the place to get that! Just buy it if you're on the fence!

  • 5
    Amazing Light Duty EDC

    Posted by Raymond Kuhn on Dec 25th 2017

    This is a near perfectly executed light duty EDC knife. I typically prefer a slightly larger blade for EDC, but the lightweightness of this knife is fantastic when considering it's cutting capabilities. The perfect Spyderco jimping is present on the blade spine and the choil. The ergonomics are as good as it gets for a knife of this size. The wire clip is perfect. VG-10 is a great steel for EDC. Takes a fine, sharp edge and is easy to resharpen. My only gripe is that the blade is a slightly broader than ideal. Highly recommended.

  • 5
    Close to perfect...

    Posted by DZe on Dec 5th 2017

    This beautiful little knife is as fantastic as everybody says. A great blade and blade shape, very comfy handle for its diminutive size and superb build quality make this a solid bargain. At 1.2 ounces, it disappears in a front pocket and is great for discreet EDC. I couldn’t be more pleased with this knife, it’s a work of industrial design art. Thanks to Cutlery Shoppe for excellent customer service and quick shipping!

  • 5
    Perfect EDC

    Posted by Andrew Jordan on Jun 19th 2014

    Great little blade for everyday tasks. No reason everyone shouldn't have one of these clipped to their pants. So light you won't know it's there. Love the color!

  • 5
    Awesome Little Blade

    Posted by Andrew Van Name on Nov 1st 2013

    I purchased this blade a few weeks ago and I carry it everywhere. It is light weight, easy to deploy and barely noticeable in pocket. Despite the small size of the blade and handle, it fits comfortably in hand with the addition of the finger choil on the blade. It can be gripped tightly and comfortably and you can lock your fingers to the handle and gimping. Overall, this is an excellent little blade, don't expect heavy duty tasks from it, but perfect for everyday tasks. Also works very nicely as a paring knife.

  • 5
    Amazing little knife

    Posted by Paul McCarty on Oct 5th 2013

    Since discovering Spyderco they continue to impress me, and the Dragonfly 2 is no exception. Flawless, fast opening and razor sharp VG-10 blade. The finger choil and jimping are perfect and the knife disappears in pocket. The pocket clip works great and is reversible left/right tip up carry only. The textured scales provide adequate grip and the bright orange makes it very easy to find.

  • 5
    Small blade with full grip!!!

    Posted by Daniel P on Aug 27th 2013

    This is one of those perfectly made constructed blades!!! The open/close is flawless, it flicks open as well as the Delica, Endura, and Stretch. Middle finger flicking is especially fun I have found. The blade at vg-10 is awesome, easy to sharpen and takes one of the most wicked edges (I like to sharpen and sometimes re profile to mirror edges). The weight is a huge plus, weight is not a deal breaker for me but its nice that is very light. The clip is perfect, I really like the wire clips Spyderco makes, not too springy and not too stiff, just right. The grip on my large hands allows me to get all my fingers on it, it seems almost impossible but with the coil they made it happen and thats a big plus for knives this size!!! It slices and cuts very well since the blade is pretty thin, but it can handle most of EDC tasks. I like small blades, it something about a well made, operational, small blade that makes them appeal to me more and more since the first one I gave a try (SOG flash, SOG Twitch 2, Ka-Bar small Hunter, Kershaw OD-2, and so on). These are what I consider "small" folders as a Mini-Grip, for example is more medium under my opinion. The ergonomics are perfect, that is one thing Spyderco has down over many other companies. If you need a small EDC blade, for restricted areas, light EDC days, or just because you like small knives like me, this knife is one of the best, With the color being orange, it looks great and I like it a lot more than the black version! I carry this as a secondary even smaller blade to my main EDC (which is still nothing bigger than 3") or sometimes as my main if I have a day where I know I wont be using it for anything heavy tasked. Go for it, grab one, because this color wont be around for much longer I believe. Jeff has the best prices here at CutleryShoppe and he is one of the nicest guys in the biz, and plus, he will ship this thing to you quick, as always!!! Solid blade from a solid company that knows what people want!!!

  • 5
    "nutnfancy" is spot-on about this knife!

    Posted by Ken Lunde on Aug 23rd 2013

    For those who enjoy Spyderco knives, and even for those who have not yet had the pleasure, if you have not yet discovered the Dragonfly, you're missing out big time. This knife has all of the qualities that a small knife should have: small, extremely lightweight, sufficiently large blade, easy clips into a pocket, and with a comfortable handle that fills the hand without disappearing into it. What really sets this knife apart are its jimped choil and thumb ramp, the use of which provide a secure grip on the knife, with the remaining three fingers holding the handle proper. Also, because it's currently priced under $50, it is a no-brainer purchase.

    Perhaps best of all, this outstanding cutting tool is now available in orange! (I tend to discover knives when they are offered with orange handles.)

    The blade steel, VG-10, is excellent, as is its locking mechanism, which is the same as used on Spyderco's proven Delica and Endura models, and which can be opened and closed using one hand.

    Needless to say, I wish I had discovered this knife earlier, but am very glad that I now have one. It will get many years of use.