Spyderco 204D Tri-Angle SharpMaker DIAMOND HONES - 7" x .5" - SOLD AS A PAIR

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Spyderco 204D Diamond SharpMaker Hones

It's long been known in the cutlery industry that diamond coated sharpening devices work best for aggressively re-shaping and profiling excessively dull and worn blades.

Spyderco offers a set of diamond-coated triangular-shaped rods. The diamond triangles fit into Spyderco's existing 204MF Tri-Angle SharpMaker system, sell separately as an accessory and enable the system to sharpen most anything. Hollowed out to lessen overall weight, each rod is seven inches long and the three flat (triangular) sides are half an inch wide. Made of nickel-coated steel and plated with microscopic diamond particles, they are moderately coarse at 400 mesh and capable of removing a great deal of metal quickly during sharpening. Running the length of each rod is a channel for honing pointed items such as fishhooks, awls and darts. The three corners of the triangle make quick work of re-beveling serrated edged cutlery and the flat sides effortlessly whet plainedges. An inch along the bottom of each triangle is not diamond plated allowing the rods to smoothly slide into the SharpMaker's base. Highly recommended for aggressive sharpening, re-beveling and reshaping only. Clean them after use by rubbing off with a dry cloth. Sold as a pair.

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    Diamond Hones

    Posted by Ed on Aug 4th 2018

    Excellent especially for the harder metals.

  • 4
    Good but pricy

    Posted by I am happy with these stones but the price is a little high for what you get. I expected this and re on Jan 12th 2018

    I got these expecting to overpay for some rods and I did. These will not be a staple in my sharpening toolbox but something for steels like M390 and Maxamet. You do have to work with them to really remove steel as you cannot use tons of pressure, that will strip the diamond that is glued on the rods. Worth it? Yes. Just pricy.