Cold Steel 92FMA Wasp Dagger FGX Nightshade Series - 7.0" Double Edge Griv-Ex "Blade" - CUTLERY SHOPPE

Cold Steel 92FMA Wasp Dagger FGX Nightshade Series - 7.0" Double Edge Griv-Ex "Blade"

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Cold Steel 92FMA FGX Wasp Dagger

Cold Steel has tried to make the FGX Wasp dagger look and feel as close as humanly possible to their Drop Forged Wasp. While significantly lighter in weight, it still offers amazing piercing power and will glide through soft targets like they were made of butter! For cutting power, they've equipped both edges with their “grip and rip” serrations, so it will cut exposed flesh to the bone. Offered at a ridiculously low price, it’s a bargain you won’t want to pass up.

US Shipments Only. Buyer's responsibility to determine legality to own/carry.

  • Material: Black Griv-Ex™
  • Blade Shape: Dagger
  • Blade Length: 7.0" (178 mm)
  • Length Overall: 12.25" (311 mm)
  • Weight Knife: 3.8 oz. (108 g)
  • Made In: Taiwan

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    Crazy blade!

    Posted by Aaron on Feb 25th 2020

    Pretty cool for what it is. The FGX knives are very fun especially for the price. They can also (careful!!) bridge the gap between live blade and trainer for practicing disarms and knife defense, they are still capable of causing great harm but won’t cut viciously like a live steel blade. The Wasp design is way cool, huge, and the handle feels AWESOME. Great grippy texture, very fun to handle and look at. My only gripe, i ordered 2, and on one, the fine point tip was snapped off probably in shipping. They come with a little pyramid shaped plastic tip protector in the bag but this one had apparently slipped off, leaving a flattened tip with a rough burr. No big deal. I used a carbide sharpening stick’s edge to scrape off the burr. While the tip is no longer needle sharp, it’s certainly sharp enough. Not surprisingly, the serrated portion will rip roughly through paper and cardboard. A fun ‘knife’ overall.