Cold Steel 88SCFAP Pistol Grip Sword Cane w/Aluminum Grip & Composite Shaft - 27.5" Blade - 38.5" Overall Length

Cold Steel 88SCFAP Pistol Grip Sword Cane w/Aluminum Grip & Composite Shaft - 27.5" Blade - 38.5" Overall Length

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Cold Steel 88SCFAP Pistol Grip Sword Cane - Aluminum Grip & Composite Shaft

The ability to protect yourself is one of the main virtues of Sword Canes. Cold Steel's elegant Pistol Grip sword cane closely resembles their popular City Stick, and comes with a removable highly polished Aluminum head. It features a tough fiberglass carbon fiber composite shaft that can be used as an effective self-defense tool in its own right. The light and fast blade has a tapered square cross section with a sharp point. The Pistol Grip Sword Cane is a finely crafted piece of protection that is far lighter, better balanced and easier to carry than ever before!

It is your responsibility to determine if sword canes are legal to purchase where you live. Absolutely no shipments outside of the United States.

    Pistol Grip Sword Cane Specs:
  • Blade Steel: 1055 Carbon Steel
  • Blade Length: 27.5" (699 mm)
  • Blade Thickness: 8 mm (0.314")
  • Length Overall: 38.5" (978 mm)
  • Handle Material: Aluminum
  • Shaft Material: Fiberglass/Carbon Fiber Composite
  • Weight, Sword Only: 13.2 oz. (374 g)
  • Weight, Scabbard Only: 9.2 oz. (261 g)
  • Weight, Combined: 21.4 oz. (607 g)
  • Made In: Taiwan

A Word About Cold Steel's Sword Canes

I've been collecting antique, as well as contemporary, sword canes and walking sticks for the past 35+ years. And lucky for me, they all look the same to my wife, so it's been easy to add one here and there. My budding collection is highlighted by one peculiar English sword cane from the mid-1800's with the most unusual feature of a special repository for poison in the blade. I guess the gentleman who commissioned it long ago felt that if his adversary got away, the poison would finish the job later. Having the appreciation I do for quality sword canes from around the world, I must say that I am more than pleased with these offerings from Cold Steel. Now do not let the great prices fool you into thinking that these are not first class sword canes -- as they easily equal (or even surpass) sword canes that I've spent several times as much for. Jeff Loffer