Cold Steel 36JSK Master Hunter - 4.5" VG-1 San Mai Blade - Kray-Ex™ Handle - Secure-Ex® Sheath

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Cold Steel 36JSK Master Hunter - VG-1 SAN MAI III Blade - Kray-Ex™ Handle - Secure-Ex® Sheath

Modesty seldom comes into play when Cold Steel describes how good their knives are. But in the case of the Master Hunter, Cold Steel has been unquestionably negligent in that department. So, modesty aside, they want to go on record and say, without a doubt, the Master Hunter is the best hunting knife you can obtain at any price. It features a broad VG-1 San Mai III blade that's been flat ground to achieve the ideal blade cross-section and edge geometry. Carefully honed to razor sharpness, its edge cuts effortlessly while its dropped point simplifies the chore of field dressing and skinning.

The spine of the blade is a full .20" thick to allow for the necessary strength and stiffness to field dress and skin the biggest animals like elk, moose, brown bear, and the African Dangerous Seven. The grip is specially designed to promote long use without fatigue. Made of the shock absorbent, slightly tacky feeling Kray-Ex™, and featuring Cold Steel's deeply checkered surface, it positively won't slip no matter how wet or bloody your hands get. Plus, Kray-Ex™ has specially enduring advantages in that it will never rot, shrink, crack, splinter, or mildew, and is completely impervious to even the harshest weather. For safety, the Master Hunter comes in a thick, heavy Secure-Ex® sheath that will accommodate just about any size belt and allow you to carry it all day without fatigue.

  • Category End Use: Hunting/Survival
  • Blade Steel: VG-1 San Mai III®
  • Rc Hardness: 56-58
  • Blade Style: Drop Point
  • Blade Finish: Satin
  • Handle Material: Black Checkered Kray-Ex™
  • Sheath Material: Secure-Ex®
  • Blade Length: 4.5" (114 mm)
  • Overall Length: 9.25" (235 mm)
  • Blade Thickness: 0.20" (5 mm)
  • Weight, Knife:  oz. ( g)
  • Weight, Sheath:  oz. ( g)
  • Made in: Japan

More about San Mai III steel:
San Mai means "three layers". It's the term given to the traditional laminated blades used by the Japanese for swords and daggers. Laminated construction is important because it allows different grades of steel to be combined in a single blade. A simple way to think of this type of construction is to imagine a sandwich: The meat center is hard, high carbon steel and the pieces of bread on either side are the lower-carbon, tough side panels. The edge of the blade should be hard to maximize edge holding ability, but if the entire blade was hard it could be damaged during the rigors of battle. For ultimate toughness the body of the blade must be able to withstand impact and lateral stresses. Toughness is generally associated with "softness" and "flexibility" in steel, so that, surprisingly, if a blade is made "tough" the edge won't be hard enough to offer superior edge holding. San Mai III provides a blade with hard (higher carbon) steel in the middle for a keen, long lasting edge and tougher (lower-carbon) steel along the sides for flexibility.