Cold Steel 35AP Outdoorsman - 6.0" VG-10 San Mai® Blade - Black KrayEx Handle - Secure-Ex Sheath

Cold Steel 35AP Outdoorsman - 6.0" VG-10 San Mai® Blade - Black KrayEx Handle - Secure-Ex Sheath

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Cold Steel 35AP Outdoorsman - VG-10 San Mai Blade - Kray-Ex™ Handle - Secure-Ex® Sheath

One of the best multi-purpose hunting knives ever made, this limited edition classic has been a much loved part of our line-up for many years. Razor sharp, with a wide belly and an up-swept point for skinning, and a secondary bone-breaking edge on the spine for hardier harvesting tasks, the Outdoorsman will make short work of even the biggest game. The Outdoorsman’s generous full tang is encapsulated in weatherproof non-slip Kray-Ex®, allowing the knife to be safely used even when your hands are wet and bloody.

  • Category End Use: Hunting/Survival/Field Utility
  • Blade Steel: VG-10 San Mai®
  • Blade Finish: Satin Finish
  • Blade Length: 6.0" (154 mm)
  • Blade Thickness: 0.20" (5 mm)
  • Overall Length: 11.25" (286 mm)
  • Handle Material: Kray-Ex
  • Weight, Knife: 9.0 oz. (255 g)
  • Sheath Material: Secure-Ex®
  • Weight, Sheath: 3.4 oz. (96 g)
  • Made In: Taiwan

More about VG-10 San Mai steel:
San Mai means "three layers". It's the term given to the traditional laminated blades used by the Japanese for swords and daggers. Laminated construction is important because it allows different grades of steel to be combined in a single blade. A simple way to think of this type of construction is to imagine a sandwich: The meat center is hard, high carbon steel and the pieces of bread on either side are the lower-carbon, tough side panels. The edge of the blade should be hard to maximize edge holding ability, but if the entire blade was hard it could be damaged during the rigors of battle. For ultimate toughness the body of the blade must be able to withstand impact and lateral stresses. Toughness is generally associated with "softness" and "flexibility" in steel, so that, surprisingly, if a blade is made "tough" the edge won't be hard enough to offer superior edge holding. San Mai III provides a blade with hard (higher carbon) steel in the middle for a keen, long lasting edge and tougher (lower-carbon) steel along the sides for flexibility.