Boker Solingen 111102DAM 1969 Mach-1 Damast - 3.23" Damascus Blade - Silver Jade Anodized Aluminum Liner Lock Handle

Boker Solingen 111102DAM 1969 Mach-1 Damast - 3.23" Damascus Blade - Silver Jade Anodized Aluminum Liner Lock Handle

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Böker Solingen 111102DAM 1969 Mach-1 Damast - Damascus Blade - Silver Jade Anodized Aluminum Liner Lock Handle

Unbridled, with inherent power. Temperamental, with a gentle disposition. The vastness in view, everyday life out of sight. The highway seems endless, with rough asphalt, crumbling yellow markings and wafting desert dust. Before long, the endlessness gives way to a feeling of freedom, the sunset bathes the landscape and your mind in a warming blanket of bliss and a gentle breeze. The deep sound of the powerful Windsor V8 small block engine with 250 HP has a calming effect,turning the road trip in the Ford Mustang into a very special moment.

Inspired by the World War II fighter plane, the P-51 Mustang, Ford developed its own Mustang in the early 1960’s, and brought it to market in April 1964. As a compact sports coupe, the affordable pony car, emblazoned with the iconic galloping horse emblem in the radiator grill, appealed primarily to a younger clientele. To counteract the highly motorized competition from Dodge, Pontiac and Chevrolet, Ford made a statement in the league of powerful muscle cars with the Mustang Mach-1. The first-generation Mach-1 from 1969 was only available as a fastback version and featured a number of visual and performance differences to the standard model: sports suspension, matt black racing stripes and a cowl induction hood, chrome-plated exhaust tailpipes and fuel filler cap, bonnet pins, front and rear spoilers as well as a luxurious interior spurred more than 72,000 units of this model to be sold.

Over the years, the Mustang has become the epitome of the muscle car and is now continuing its legacy in the 7th generation. Boker quotes the unmistakable design of the vehicle and makes the legend even more tangible in the 1969 Mach-1 Damast of the same name. Parts of the wheel hub, wishbone and suspension were used for the fine, 84-layer Damascus blade and forged by hand by Chad Nichols in the Wavepool pattern. The ball-bearing blade with its distinctive ricasso opens smoothly by means of the removeable thumb stud, and cuts with confidence thanks to powerful torque from the handle design and the safety of a study liner lock. Finger recesses in the handle made of lightweight, high-strength aluminium are reminiscent of the wings of the muscle car, while the gold-colored inlay of the front handle scale echoes the side trim of the door and bodywork. The Silver Jade coloring of the handle expressively underlines the sporty look of the pocket-knife and creates a noticeable V8 tremor in the hand. The sloping back of the handle is nostalgically modelled on the fastback contour of the bodywork, while the detailed pivot screw makes the forward drive of the wheels tangible. Straight-lined and angular, the stainless-steel clip milled from the solid is reminiscent of the door handles of the Ford Mustang. Delivery includes a high-quality floating display, an impatient hoof scraping and the necessary portion of nonchalance. Handmade in the Boker factory in Solingen, Germany.

  • Category End Use: Collector/EDC
  • Blade Steel: Damascus
  • Blade Grind: FFG (full flat grind)
  • Blade Length: 3.23" (82 mm)
  • Length Open: 7.8" (198 mm)
  • Length Closed: " ( mm)
  • Blade Thickness: 0.14" (3.6 mm)
  • Lock Type: Liner Lock
  • Handle Material: Anodized Aluminum
  • Tip Carry: Tip-Up
  • Clip Position: Right Hand
  • Weight: 4.09 oz. (116 g)
  • Made In: Germany