Victorinox Swiss Army #53681 Ambassador 74mm (2.91") Red

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Victorinox Swiss Army Ambassador 53681

It's a 74 millimeter knife that goes the distance. The Ambassador pocket knife is a slim and elegant companion with seven functions that are always at your service. Whether you're on the job at your desk or out and about, you can always count on the Ambassador to help you get the job done.

    Product Detail:
  • Large blade
  • Nail File with Nail Cleaner
  • Scissors
  • Toothpick
  • Tweezers
  • Key Ring
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 74 mm | 3 inch

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    Posted by BBowdre on Apr 19th 2019

    First, as to the Cutlery Shoppe-prompt, good price, excellent service. What else do you seek?
    As to the Ambassador, perfect knife for business dress with thin profile and weight just barely over 1 ounce! Easier to use than the Classic because of its slightly larger size. I ordered it to replace a knife lost on a recent trip without seeing the Ambassador in person. I could not be more pleased with the result. Highly Recommended.

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    Victorinox Ambassador

    Posted by Boondockjones on Aug 13th 2018

    I would like to acknowledge the Cutlery Shoppe. Their service and pricing is as good as I've found anywhere. Their free shipping is FAST! This is the place to do your knife shopping.

    I bought a Victorinox Executive from them and really liked the size of it. Unfortunately I lost it after about 6 weeks of every day carry. I decided to replace it with the Ambassador. Since it's basically the same knife without the goofy orange peeler or the second blade. In other words it has the same real utility without extra crap you don't need. So what follows is my review of the Ambassador.

    The Victorinox Ambassador might just be the perfect minimalist Swiss Army Knife. Basically it's the ever popular Classic on steroids. To me, the Classic is a handy keychain knife/tool. Cute and useful, but just too small to handle some of my normal knife tasks. The Ambassador is just big enough to be comfortable in the hand. It has a long enough blade to cut fruit or sandwiches in half. Even thick submarine sandwiches or bagels. The Ambassador is a small knife ,but big enough to do 99% of what I do with a knife.

    The blade is thin, it cuts and slices like it was designed to. That's to say it cuts very well.
    It's easy to sharpen and to touch up. It's not a super steel, but it doesn't need to be. It just plain works.

    The scissors on the Ambassador are larger than those on the Classic and are very handy. I find I use them all most as often as the knife blade. They work great to trim finger nails or hang nails. Trimming unruly mustaches or eyebrows , or clipping loose threads so they won't unravel. Opening plastic bags, clipping zip ties, cutting tags off clothing etc. Heading back house plants and young growth on fruit trees. I find myself pruning plants or cutting flowers with them most every day. While much of this can be done with the knife blade, the scissors offer more control and precision. A nice feature. I never realized how useful they would be until I carried them daily.

    The nail file is shorter than I expected, but it works well. The end of it works for cleaning fingernails and it also fits most Philips head screws. It works as a light duty pry tool as well. Think battery covers on remotes, plastic trim pieces, etc. It gets used fairly often, mostly for it's intended purpose.

    The tweezers don't get a lot of use, but they do work well when needed. They can be handy for slivers and picking up tiny objects. I use the toothpick fairly often for it's designed use. It works well for when your away from your toothbrush. I clean it with alcohol hand sanitizer.

    Im a knife person. Love knives of all kinds. The older I get , the more I realize what I need and don't need in a pocket knife. I've had a knife in my pocket daily for well over 50 years. I need a blade of some sort for my normal daily activities. I've grown to appreciate Victorinox knives for their extra utility. Yet I don't want to carry a toolbox in my pocket. The added bulk isn't worth it to me. I have access to full sized tools designed for whatever job I need to do. I do however appreciate a little extra utility over just a blade to cut with. The Ambassador covers the bases for me. I have a big enough blade to suit my needs and a few extras that I actually use often. This size just disappears in your pocket. Yet it's just large enough to actually get a grip on and use if you find you need to put it to work. For a small knife, it will work if needed.

    I know I'm under knifed for the zombie apocalypse. It takes me an extra second or two to open it up with both hands. Yet I haven't been in any life and death scenarios lately where a one hand opener and that extra second would have saved my bacon. Guess I'm living a dull life. I won't be splitting firewood and building shelters with my Ambassador. I have better tools for that. I will be putting it in my pocket every morning and not feeling under knifed. It will do whatever I need in the real world. If you live in the real world too, it might just work for you as well.

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    A Staple for pockets.

    Posted by Jim on Sep 13th 2014

    I always liked this model for three reasons. First off, it's the big brother of the classic model. The classic is nice but the tools on this one a bigger and much more practical to use because of it's size. Secondly, I like that is has the essentials and nothing else. That also keeps it nice and thin. Thirdly, it's very inexpensive. It only cost a few more muck than the classic and totally worth it over the classic because of it's more practical size usability. So in short, if you love the classic but always wished the tools were a little bigger, this is the one for you. They also make really inexpensive, and nice gifts. Jeff has them for the lowest price I've seen.

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    Gentleman's knife, big brother to the Classic

    Posted by Scott on Jan 19th 2014

    Bought two of these.Gave one as a gift & kept the other for myself. This tool is the big brother of the Classic. Carries great in pocket. Great to carry when wearing dress pants.

    The one I gave as a gift he carries as an EDC. I see him use all the time. He was very happy to receive it!