Spyderco C11PGRE Delica 4 LWT - 2.88" Satin Finish Plain Edge ZDP-189 Blade - British Racing Green FRN Handle

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Spyderco C11PGRE Delica 4 LWT - ZDP-189 Blade - British Racing Green FRN Handle

Chances are good that you already own one of Spyderco's iconic Endura or Delica Clipits, as they are some of the best sellers Spyderco makes. If you do, we won't need to convince you what great knives they are, and if you don't know, you're sure to be pleasantly surprised.

The knife industry is constantly pushing the envelope searching for, and testing, higher performance blade steels. ZDP189 is rapidly asserting itself as an up-and-coming steel. It's a powdered metal made by Hitachi that has phenomenal chemistry with 3% carbon. The hardness is around 64Rc and edge retention is exceptional. This solid ZDP-189 steel blade is the hottest, hardest and highest performing steel in the knife industry today.

Added to the blade's spine is slip resistant jimping. Phosphor bronze washers smooth out the open/close action and the clip is upgraded to a four-way tip-up, tip-down, left-or right-handed clip.

  • Category End Use: EDC
  • Blade Steel: ZDP-189
  • Blade Grind: FFG (full flat grind)
  • Blade Length: 2.88” (73 mm)
  • Length Open: 7.13” (188 mm)
  • Length Closed: 4.25” (108 mm)
  • Blade Thickness: .093” (2.5 mm)
  • Hole Diameter: .5" (13 mm)
  • Lock Type: Back Lock
  • Handle Material: British Racing Green FRN (fiberglass-reinforced nylon)
  • Tip Carry: Tip-Up
  • Clip Position: Four Way
  • Weight: 2.3 oz. (64 g)
  • Made In: Japan

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  • 5
    An Amazing Slicer

    Posted by Robert Tickle on Feb 22nd 2019

    I own several Spyderco knives. Most of them are Para 3s, Sages, and PM2s. I never understood what made the Delica so popular until I purchased this one. Delicas really are a very different knife than the Para 3s and PM2s. The blade length of the Delica is essentially the same as the Para 3, but the Delica is thinner and weighs over 30 percent less than the Para 3. The other big difference is that the blade thickness of the Delica is much less than the Para 3. Now I understand why the Delica gets such love. It disappears in the pocket and it is an amazing slicer.

    I ordered the Delica model in ZDP-189 steel. I expected that this steel was going to be a challenge to sharpen and that was indeed the case. However, “hard to sharpen” also means “hard to dull” so the trade-off is well worth it. I worked on my Delica with my KME for over two hours to reprofile to 15 DPS and get a mirror edge. I have the KME diamond hones and the diamond lapping films, but ZDP-189 tried its best to resist my efforts. I have experience sharpening S110V, S90V, and M390. ZDP-189 is just as hard to sharpen as these three if not more so. If you are thinking of buying a Delica in ZDP-189, make sure you have diamond based sharpening tools. If not, you might want to buy the Delica in VG-10.

  • 5
    Great Knife

    Posted by Dustin S on Apr 11th 2014

    My wife got this for me and I love it. I use this as a utility EDC blade. I really like the ZDP-189, it's hard and holds an edge well. The FRN handle is very grippy, though I wish there was better jimping on top. I notice the screws on the pocket clip come lose regularly and I have to tighten them, not a super issue. I use this knife alot for every day cutting tasks, mainly at work. Plastics, rope, tape, paper, cardboard. When cleaned it makes a great steak knife too. I was slightly disappointed with the factory edge. I read another review about how sharp this really was, I was rather unimpressed. My Cold Steel AK-47 was considerably sharper out of the box, but a trip to the Spyderco SharpMaker all the way up to Ultra-Fine stones made this face shaving sharp. This is easy to take apart and clean but re-assembly was slightly trickier. I found it was easier to simply take the knife completely apart, clean it, then re-assemble. It was impossible to try and slide the blade and bushings in the handle and have everything line up perfectly. Not a knock against the knife, just my observation. I would highly recommend this knife to anyone looking for something EDC utility and the ZDP-189 Steel.

  • 5
    Telecom Tech

    Posted by Daniel on Sep 6th 2011

    I bought a Delica 4 when they first came out. It is a easy knife to carry and use. I wanted to try a FFG model and I have heard a lot about the ZDP-189 steel. This knife was sharper than any other knife I have recieved right out the box! The edge lasts longer than the standard model I have.I have only had to touch it up twice. I feel that the extra cost for the steel upgrade is worth it. I also like the FFG. I am very pleased with my purchase.

  • 5
    Powerful lightweight!

    Posted by Michael Barr on Dec 5th 2010

    I just had to have this version of the Delica in the more exotic ZDP-189 steel after hearing so many rave about it. And, I carried it for the first time this weekend. It's very lightweight, and you won't even feel it clipped into your pocket. The combination of a black pocket clip with the dark British Racing Green scales makes for a stealthy clipped pocket carry.

    The action on mine is too tight to flick open without a wrist snap. But, when I open it, the lock-up is very solid. No blade play at all. Just an authoritative "POP" when it locks open. The plain edge is very sharp from the factory. A nearly 3-inch ZDP-189 blade at this price is a great value. Thumbs up!