Sentry Solutions Smooth-Kote 2 oz. Jar   #91030

Sentry Solutions Smooth-Kote 2 oz. Jar #91030

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SMOOTH-KOTE - A fast-drying lubricant and bore treatment that bonds to metals. SMOOTH-KOTE protects metals from friction and gives surfaces a grime reducing non-stick coating. Cleaning firearms becomes as simple as brushing them off. SMOOTH-KOTE dramatically reduces all types of fouling and enhances accuracy, reliability and bullet velocity.

    What is SMOOTH-KOTE:

  • A revolutionary blend of dry solid lubricants that prevents residue build-up and provides excellent lubrication. SMOOTH-KOTE is a high-performance, dry film-lubricating replacement for gun oils and bore treatments. It is a proprietary mix of the best available dry film lubricants in fast-drying, residue-free isopropyl alcohol (the same as found in rubbing alcohol). These lubricants have a natural affinity for metal. Sentry's formula takes advantage of a synergy among these lubricants to deliver performance superior to the individual ingredients alone.
  • Isopropyl alcohol is the carrier for the lubricants and provides cleaning action, then evaporates, allowing the lubricants to bond to the pores in the clean metal surface. This bonding assures long-lasting effectiveness. SMOOTH-KOTE is easily applied to all the interior surfaces of firearms; in addition to lubrication, it gives surfaces a non-stick coating that not only keeps dirt and residues from adhering, but makes cleaning simple.
  • SMOOTH-KOTE is superior to oil and silicone because it works when dry - and thus will not attract and hold dirt. As a bore treatment, SMOOTH-KOTE "smooths the rough spots", thus enhancing velocity and minimizing fouling - without compromising accuracy.
      Directions: Use gloves if available, otherwise waterless hand cleaner is suggested for clean up.:
  • Clean surfaces well; use a residue-free cleaner or rinse the cleaned/degreased surface with rubbing alcohol, methanol or ethanol before treating.
  • Stir & shake SMOOTH-KOTE well. Apply a thin coat to all interior surfaces, including the bore, using a brush, dipping, spraying or the Precision Applicator. Allow 2 hours at room temp. for curing or use heat/hair dryer to shorten curing time.
  • To maintain: use nylon bristle brush to clean surfaces & bore. Then touch-up wearing surfaces with SMOOTH-KOTE. NOTE: If using lead ammo, bore may be cleaned using a bronze brush or if needed, bore solvent. Then re-treat bore with SMOOTH-KOTE as in STEP 2.
  • CAUTION: FLAMMABLE Contains alcohol. Harmful if swallowed, inhaled, or absorbed through skin. May cause eye irritation. Wash hands after using. Keep away from children.
  • NOTE: SMOOTH-KOTE is not a permanent coating and may be removed with cleaning and bore solvents. Surfaces treated with SMOOTH-KOTE can be "fine-tuned" with BP2000 POWDER and cleaned with TUF-CLOTH.
      Additional Instructions: Bore Treatment:
  • As anyone who has observed the magnified image of a rifled bore knows, no bore is "perfectly" smooth. All lands and groove surfaces in any bore show some degree of surface imperfection, when viewed under sufficient magnification. Regardless of the rifling method employed by the manufacturer, surface irregularities (high points and depressions)are always present. Bore lapping will reduce but cannot eliminate these imperfections.
  • SMOOTH-KOTE improves bore interior smoothness. Proper application of this product provides a bonded layer of lubricating crystals on the bore's interior. These crystals offer several advantages:
  • A treated bore interior is smoother than the untreated surface; a smoother surfaces distorts the bullet less and is less apt to tear pieces from the bullet.
  • Compared to bare steel this surface is very slick; a slicker surface is also less apt to tear the bullet's surface.
  • This molecular layer of SMOOTH-KOTE insulates the bore, limiting heat transfer to the barrel; a bore that does not get as hot will tend to last longer and is less apt to spot-weld bullet material to the bore interior.