Sentry Solutions Armorer's Kit Deluxe #91101

Sentry Solutions Armorer's Kit Deluxe #91101

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Armorer’s Kit Deluxe

The ARMORER'S KIT DELUXE contains SMOOTH-KOTE, BP2000 POWDER, HI-SLIP GREASE, TUF-CLOTH, MARINE TUF-CLOTH, TUF-GLIDE and MARINE TUF-GLIDE to treat the interiors and exteriors of all your firearms and equipment. One treatment provides dry film protection and lubrication for thousands of rounds, and makes cleaning as simple as brushing off.

    What is in the Armorer’s Kit:

  • The Kit includes: SMOOTH-KOTE (Provides excellent lubrication and makes cleaning easier); BP2000 POWDER (Pure lubricants to fine-tune surfaces of bores, bolts, slides and trigger parts); HI-SLIP GREASE (A synthetic grease, specifically designed for firearms, that has the benefits of oil but will "stay put". Lubricates over a wide temperature range and will not wash off); TUF-GLIDE and MARINE TUF-GLIDE (Oil-free technology to lubricate and protect hard to reach areas of all your firearms and gear); and a TUF-CLOTH and MARINE TUF-CLOTH, (The revolutionary replacement for oil/silicone rags that provides superior dry-film corrosion protection and lubrication).
  • Ensure firearm is unloaded and free of any ammunition. Clean all surfaces of oil, powder/metal residues, rust, dirt, etc. using cleaners such as Gun Scrubber, Quick Scrub, alcohol or other solvents that does not leave a residue. Detail stripping, if possible, is recommended. Allow cleaned surfaces to dry. If any residue is visible rinse surface with rubbing alcohol or similar.
  • Stir/mix SMOOTH-KOTE thoroughly. Apply SMOOTH-KOTE, one thin coating, to all interior surfaces, including bore. Use brush, cotton applicators, dipping or spraying, etc. To treat the bore apply SMOOTH-KOTE to a clean patch on a tight fitting jag and run it down the bore. One thin coating is what you want. The coating will dry in 2 or 3 minutes and cure in 2 hours at room temperature or when dry you can apply heat for 2 minutes with a hair dryer or similar. For quick clean up of SMOOTH-KOTE use alcohol pads.
  • Use BP2000 POWDER to fine tune surfaces , such as trigger parts, rails and bolt, etc. Use a patch, pipe cleaner or applicator to rub BP2000 vigorously into the surfaces. BP2000 Powder may be used on its own or in combination with SMOOTH-KOTE or TUF-CLOTH, where BP2000 Powder is applied after the surfaces are dry. Different effects will result from different combinations- for example a double action hammer and sear trigger pull may be lightened up to 20% + when compared to that same trigger being lubricated with oil.
  • Use HI-SLIP GREASE sparingly (a spot of grease about the size of a pin head) on high load or wear points such as locking lugs and the upper surface of hammer strut springs. HI-SLIP GREASE may be also be used on slide rails and similar, wipe any excess off with a clean patch or similar.
  • Use TUF-CLOTH to wipe exterior of firearm, magazines and magazine-well. To maintain firearm, after firing sequence, unload & inspect. Firearm can be cleaned with a dry, nylon-bristle brush.
  • To maintain your gun after your course of fire: use a dry nylon bristle brush to clean surfaces & bore. A clean patch can be used in the bore. Then touch-up wearing surfaces and bore with SMOOTH-KOTE and or BP2000 Powder. Use the SMOOTH-KOTE precision applicator to touch up the wear points.