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Sentry Solutions 91201 - GEAR CARE KIT

The Sentry Solutions GEAR CARE KIT is a unique product for complete knife and tool care. The kit includes the award winning TUF-CLOTH and TUF-GLIDE, conveniently packaged in a handy cloth pouch with GATCO's Micro X Pocket Ceramic Four-Rod Sharpener and easy to use lint-free cleaning tools.

These products are a great combination of revolutionary lubrication, protection and sharpening versatility. Sentry Solutions TUF Products, endorsed by more than 40 knife and tool companies, offer dry, bonded, non-toxic protection.

TUF-CLOTH is the long-lasting lint-free replacement for oil and silicone rags. Simply wiping any surface with TUF-CLOTH provides cleaning and delivers a fast-drying, water-displacing MICRO-BONDING CRYSTAL BARRIER against rust, friction and wear. The waterproof shield, repels dirt and protects in all conditions and temperatures.

TUF-GLIDE is the quick-drying lubricant for pivot points and protects the hard-to-reach areas of all your knives and gear. TUF-GLIDE ensures your new knives will look better and last longer, and restores smooth action to your old ones.

GATCOs Micro X Four Rod Ceramic Sharpener is the ultimate compact sharpener for knives, fishhooks, darts, broadheads and serrated edges. The four rods (two fine, two medium) are removable for easy cleaning and the built-in angle guide makes sharpening serrated edges simple. The side-by-side rods allow for sharpening of fishhooks, darts and any pointed items.