Lansky Standard #LKC03 - 3 Hone Kit - Includes: Coarse Hone, Medium Hone, Fine Hone

Lansky Standard #LKC03 - 3 Hone Kit - Includes: Coarse Hone, Medium Hone, Fine Hone

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Standard - 3 Hone Kit

Since 1979, Lansky Sharpeners have been acknowledged as the world leader in sharpening technology. Each Lansky Sharpener is designed to meet exacting performance, reliability and safety standards. A pioneer of fixed angle sharpeners, Lansky has made knife sharpening virtually foolproof, as well as completely ambidextrous. With Lansky Sharpeners you can choose from four different sharpening angles.

30 degree Angle: An outstanding angle for knives that see use as utility knives, like those used to cut cardboard, pallet straps or carpeting.
25 degree Angle: This is the recommended angle for most knives that need a durable, sharp edge. An ideal angle for hunting and outdoor knives.
20 degree Angle: A commonly used angle for higher grade, quality blades. Provides an excellent edge that is perfect for kitchen knives.
17 degree Angle: A severe angle only recommended for razor blades, X-Acto blades or similar tools. Yields an xtremely sharp, but delicate edge.

The Standard Kit Includes:
Coarse Hone - Medium Hone - Fine Hone

    All Lansky Sharpening Systems include:
  • Patented precision engineered multi-angle, flip-over knife clamp
  • Sharpening hones on color-coded, finger grooved safety holders
  • One guide rod for each honing stone
  • Specially formulated honing oil
  • Extra long knife clamp screws
  • Custom molded storage/carrying case that holds all system components
  • Complete, easy-to-follow instructions