Gryphon M10FFG Utility/Boot Knife - 4.0" FFG Laminated VG-10 Blade w/DLC Finish - Black Boltaron SheathPro Sheath

Gryphon M10FFG Utility/Boot Knife - 4.0" FFG Laminated VG-10 Blade w/DLC Finish - Black Boltaron SheathPro Sheath

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Gryphon M-10 FFG Utility-Boot Knife - M10FFG

Since Bob Terzuola, or "Bob T" as I call him, first showed me his prototype for what we would later dub the M-10, I was thrilled by its straight-forward design. I believed then, and still do, that it's the finest fixed blade knife in its size range. The M-10 falls into that "just right" category of being large enough to accomplish most tasks, yet small enough to be carried with ease. The handle fits your hand perfectly, whichever grip you choose. It's obvious that fixed blade knives, by their very nature, are stronger and safer than folding knives. The downside of fixed blade knives has always been their difficulty to conceal, and the negative attention they can bring. That problem is solved with the M-10 and its "just right" size. The full tang blade is given a black DLC (Diamond Like Coating) coating to reduce glare and for extra blade protection in harsh environments. The indestructible handle is made from DuPont Zytel, which is checkered to give you a positive gripping surface.

So many good knives are limited by the inadequacies of their sheaths. I'm a firm believer that a sheath should not only protect the knife from loss and the elements, but it should also protect its owner. One more factor to consider is how comfortable is it to carry, and how reliably can it be deployed under stress. This quest has led me to the best sheath makers available, and we've teamed up with three of the best in the business.

The sheath for this version is made by SheathPro, and they're using .080 Boltaron (PVC Rigid Plastic) for the sheath. Each SheathPro sheath is built by hand, and not the normal "cookie cutter" sheaths you see elsewhere. The quality is top-notch, and while you may not have realized it, you've probably seen their work before, as they make many of the fixed blade sheaths for Spyderco.

Easy to carry, and quick to deploy, the M-10 in its SheathPro sheath attaches to your belt via the Spyderco G-Clip. Should you prefer to attach to a harness or pack, you can use the G-Clip or simply remove it and lash directly onto your gear. Given all of these features, or better yet, get one in your hand and you'll see why the Gryphon M-10 is still my personal favorite! Jeff

  • Category End Use: Tactical/Survival/Field Utility
  • Blade Steel: Laminated VG-10
  • Blade Finish: DLC (Diamond Like Coating)
  • Handle Material: Black Zytel
  • Blade Length: 4"
  • Length Overall: 8 1/2"
  • Blade Thickness: 3/16"
  • Weight, Knife: 4.4 oz. (119 g)
  • Sheath Material: .080" Boltaron
  • Weight, Sheath: 2.1 oz. (60 g)


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  • 5
    Awesome affordable agile

    Posted by Jack thursby on Sep 15th 2020

    Crazy quality to cost ratio on this knife. Love the sheath and the gclip for horizontal carry and no rattle whatsoever. Handle is comfortable for me in every grip position I've tried. Fit and finish is amazing, you can see the lamination line of the vg10 steel edge through the dlcs coating and it's very even on both sides. Was so impressed with the quality I promptly ordered the spear point bladed version for a backup and might even buy another haha.

  • 5
    Exceptional knife for the money

    Posted by christopher on Feb 10th 2020

    I absolutely love this knife. I seen the spearpoint in a Nf video some years ago and had forgotten about it. Needless to say I later came across the vid again and seen the ffg available and I jad to have it. Needless to say im extremly happy with everything about this knife. Its great in hand and absolutely disappears on my gun belt, I also have a love for VG10 steel, excellent knife as is most anything with Bob's name on it

  • 5
    Gryphon M10 FFG Laminated

    Posted by Greg on Aug 30th 2019

    I originally purchased the M10 and I was so impressed that I had to get the FFG Laminated version to carry for work. These are the best fixed blade knives/sheaths that I have come across in this size and price range. As a system, the knife and sheath work perfectly in numerous positions.

  • 5
    Outstanding value.

    Posted by Aaron on Nov 16th 2018

    I am very impressed. The laminated 3 layer VG10 blade is awesome, even through the DLC coating, the lamination line, where the steel is sandwiched together, is visible. the flat ground blade is a great grind for efficient cutting. The M10 slices through anything and still has a strong tip due to the blade thickness. The Zytel handle feels great, much like the old original SOG SEAL 2000 knife, full tang is encapsulated by the zytel handle. Generous lanyard hole is there if you need it. Sheath locks the knife in with a solid click and there is zero rattle in the whole package. I never cared much for the G-Clip in the past but on this setup, it works flawlessly. The M10 will excel as a hiking blade, a defense blade and anything else you need it for. The price is incredibly fair too.

  • 4
    Fantastic little fixed blade for utility or self defence

    Posted by Buffalohump on Jun 29th 2015

    This is fantastic little fixed blade for utility or self-defence. Great ergonomics, size, materials and sheath - all for $100! Designed by the great Bob Terzuola no less... Bob T knew what the hell he was doing that's for sure.

    It fits in my hand beautifully and its a great size for every day carry. You can get the new flat grind version if you want a utility knife or ask Jeff if you want the older style version with swedge, which I think is better for self-defence - they have both! They also have two sheath options - awesome!

    I now have THREE of them, including the original one in ATS-34, that's how much I like this knife... simply great value for money!