CRKT 1093K Mini My Tighe Assisted Opening– 3” Black Finish Veff Serration Edge Blade – Stainless and GFR Handle - CUTLERY SHOPPE

CRKT 1093K Mini My Tighe Assisted Opening - 3.0" Black Finish Veff Serration Edge Blade - SS/GFR Handle - DISCONTINUED - SOLD OUT

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CRKT 1093K Mini My Tighe Assisted Opening - 3.0" Black Finish Veff Serration Edge Blade - SS/GFR Handle

After introduceing Brian Tighe's popular My Tighe™ several years ago, the questions began: "When can I get a slightly smaller personal carry version?" So CRKT went to Brian with the request, and he designed the Mini My Tighe™. It is not simply a scaled-down version of the bigger frame-lock model, but was carefully reproportioned by Brian, reflecting his passion for design detail.

The 3.0" blade also has asymmetrical spine facets, high-hollow grind and deep belly with recurve. Steel is 1.4116 stainless. It features our exclusive and patented Combination Razor-Sharp Veff™ Serrated edges. On the "K" model, the blade is coated with black non-reflective titanium nitride for maximum corrosion resistance, while the frames are black EDP plated. The result is a non-reflective tactical look. The Mini My Tighe handle length is 3.73" and weight is reduced to 3.8 ounces, much more convenient for daily in-pocket carry.

The smaller frame-lock folder also has an open build with heavy-duty 420J2 stainless steel frames and a 6061 T6 aluminum back spacer. The injection-molded black glass filled nylon scales have a deep random dimpled texture. Torx® fasteners are used throughout.

CRKT’s patented OutBurst™ assisted opening mechanism instantly springs the blade fully open after you have opened the blade approximately 30°. The Mini My Tighe has bronze and lubrous washers at the adjustable blade pivot for smooth, fast action.

The very strong blade grind makes a compact and versatile rescue folder. A black stainless steel two-position pocket/gear clip is included. Full professional features. Non-reflective black finish. Exceptional affordability. Kit Carson rides again.

  • Dual Thumb Stud
  • OutBurst™ Assisted Opening
  • Frame Lock
  • Removeable Pocket Clip
  • Made In: Taiwan
  • Blade Steel: 1.4116 Stainless Steel
  • RC Hardness: 55-57
  • Blade Thickness: 0.12”
  • Handle Material: 420J2 Stainless w/Glass Filled Nylon Scales
  • Blade Length: 3"
  • Length Closed: 3.73”
  • Overall Length: 6.5”
  • Weight: 3.8 oz.