Cold Steel VDSC - Stun, Stagger & Stop - DVD Set

Cold Steel VDSC - Stun, Stagger & Stop - DVD Set

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Cold Steel VDSC Stun, Stagger and Stop

If you are suddenly attacked, a quality walking stick or stout cane can be a great comfort. This new DVD set from Cold Steel provides nearly six hours of valuable instruction and training should you need to use your walking stick for protection.
In these DVD's you will learn:

The Power Stroke.

The Fan.

The Drop Stroke.

The Wrap Stroke.

The Flurry.

The Punyo.

The Redondo.

How to Hit Using One or Both Hands.

How to Build Strength, Agility, and Power in Your Strikes

Perfect Your Defense by Learning How to Stop Hit, Counter Slash, Block, Parry, Pass and Shield.

How to Defend Yourself Against an Opponent who's Trying to Wrest Your Stick Away from You, Using One or Even Both Hands.

Demonstrations of the Multiple Ways to Fight Off an Opponent who Charges and Tries to Grapple You to the Ground.

How to Escape from a Standing Grapple Situation or How to Get Back into the Fight if You are Dragged to the Ground.

Strategy and Tactics for Dealing with Multiple Attackers, Edged Weapons, and Blunt Impact Weapons.

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    Strongly recommended.

    Posted by mapolito on Apr 24th 2009

    This video on stick/cane fighting is based on the filipino system of stick fighting. It is simple to learn, direct, and effective. Lynn Thompson pulls no punches in showing his audience how to transform a stout stick or cane
    into a formidable weapon of self defense. He covers their use against single attackers, multiple attackers, tackles, grappling attackers, and armed attackers.

    This is great for those of us who live in states in the northeast where even pepper spray over 3/4 of an ounce is illegal; the walking stick and the cane are legal, when used within the parameters of the law.

    This DVD is, as are all Cold Steel DVD's, excellent and strongly recommended.