Boker Plus 02BO1942 V-42 Devil’s Brigade – 7” Black Finish Plain Edge Blade – Leather Handle – Leather Belt Sheath - CUTLERY SHOPPE

Boker Plus 02BO1942 V-42 Devil’s Brigade - 7.0" Black Finish Plain Edge SK-5 Blade - Leather Handle - Leather Belt Sheath

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Boker Plus 02BO1942 V-42 Devil’s Brigade

Devil's Brigade originated in July of 1942. Under the official title, 1st Special Service Force, American and Canadian soldiers were combined together to form a special task force trained for battle behind enemy lines. The origin of many special units can be traced back to this special force. Due to numerous nocternal operations where all faces were blackened for camouflage, the German Wehrmacht gave them the nickname, "Black Devils," which bore witness of the great respect they had of their enemy, although their unit was relatively small.

In 1943 and 1944, the 1st SSF successfully completed many operations in Italy and France, impacting military operations. An important piece of equipment of the Devil's Brigade was the specially designed V-42 combat knife, which was also part of the intensive close combat training. The handle of compressed leather discs ends in a pointed impact cap. A thick leather padding underneath the slightly curved pommel offered protection from injury. The double-edged blade of the dagger features a corrugated thumb rest for a secure grip.

To this day, the crest of the Special Forces of the U.S. Army adorns this legendary dagger. Boker delivers this exclusive collector's item with its classic leather sheath. Also included is a replica of the cloth insignia of the unit, which is the red spearhead, and with a reproduction of the original German sticker with the words "The worst is yet to come!", which was stuck behind enemy lines in order to demoralize the enemy.

A premium collector's ensemble, especially ideal for aficionados of military history!

  • Blade Steel: SK-5
  • Handle Material: Leather
  • Blade Length: 7.0"
  • Overall Length: 12.0"
  • Weight: 7.0 oz.
  • Made In: China