ASP #52433 SideBreak Scabbard for 21" Baton - Black Basketweave - CUTLERY SHOPPE

ASP #52433 SideBreak Scabbard for 21" Baton - Black Basketweave

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ASP #52433 21" SideBreak Scabbard - Basketweave

ASP SideBreak Scabbards Secure Your Advantage...

Let's face facts -- your baton will more than likely spend 99.999% of the time on your duty belt -- and that's why a proper scabbard is so important. As you can see in the inset photos, you can carry your baton closed, or re-holster a deployed baton should conditions warrant it - yet the baton is instantly accessible should the situation change again.

The ASP SideBreak is much more than a simple piece of plastic to carry your baton in - it's nothing short of an engineering marvel. The patented design may be clipped on and off, or more permanently attached to your duty belt. The unique (and also patented) internal brake shoe assures firm retention of your ASP baton.

We offer the SideBreak Scabbards in two finishes to best match your duty gear - black leather grain finish as shown at the far left, or with a basketweave finish as shown in the three photos of the police officer. Jeff

ASP SideBreak Baton Scabbards

Material Polymer
Made in USA