ASP #52212 - 16" Friction Loc Tactical Baton - F16FA Airweight - CUTLERY SHOPPE

ASP 52212 - 16" Friction Loc Tactical Baton - F16FA Airweight - Black Foam Grip

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ASP 52212 Tactical Baton

The Choice of Law Enforcement Professionals

Compact and low-profile, ASP Batons are very easily carried and concealed, yet are absolutely devastating when opened with a snap of the wrist. The psychological deterrence that they offer can stop an attack before it starts. Shock-absorbing Santoprene foam grips are non-slip, durable and comfortable for any hand size. With their superior balance and incredible striking power ASP Batons have proven to be virtually indestructible, even under the most severe tactical situations. All ASP Batons are American made from the highest quality materials available. We offer three choices to meet your needs:

Black Chrome provides an extremely durable and corrosion resistant black finish. 4140 high carbon steel. This best seller is the standard choice for most applications including uniform duty use.

Electroless (matte silver finish) yields the most corrision resistant metal finish. It is well suited to high humidity and maritime environments.

Airweight offers a 45% weight reduction with 98% of the striking potential of the heavier steel batons. A good choice for undercover officers.

A word about carrying your baton: Though in a pinch you can carry a baton in your pocket, I really recommend investing a few dollars in one of the terrific scabbards offered by ASP. If you're a police officer carrying a baton while on-duty, the ASP SideBreak is unbeatable. For off-duty or civilian use (and how I prefer to carry my baton) is with the ASP BackPocket scabbard. Just as a handgun should be carried in a quality holster, so should a baton be carried in a properly designed, quality scabbard. Jeff

WARRANTY: All ASP products feature a full lifetime factory warranty.

No baton shipments outside the USA.

ASP Tactical Batons

F-16 Baton Specifications

Length - Open 15 1/2"
Length - Closed 6 3/8"
Weight - Black Chrome 13.6 oz.
Weight - Airweight 7.3 oz.
Weight - Electroless 13.6 oz.
Made in USA